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Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H12 Technical design and application of technical elements

DR.HS.H12.02.01 Employ a publicity campaign for a given production (CAS: HSE.1.2.b)

DR.HS.H12.04.01 Develop theatrical production concepts through collaboration with directors, designers, and actors (CAS: HSE.1.2.d)

Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H14 Creation, appreciation, and interpretation of scripted works

DR.HS.H14.03.01 Prepare a director's promptbook to record blocking and other notation, while maintaining a journal of approaches to coaching actors and solving artistic problems (CAS: HSE.1.4.c)


Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H22 Technology reinforces, enhances, and/or alters a theatrical performance

DR.HS.H22.02.01 Implement a major design element, scenic light, sound, or makeup while using complex technologies to enhance theatrical productions (CAS: HSE.2.2.b)

DR.HS.H22.03.01 Assume responsibility for the coordination of all aspects of a production by stage managing a theatrical event (CAS: HSE.2.2.c)

Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H23 Direction or design of a theatrical performance for an intended audience

DR.HS.H23.02.01 Arrange the performance space, and coordinate the technical elements of the production (CAS: HSE.2.3.b)

DR.HS.H23.03.01 Manage the rehearsal process while creating a productive ensemble (CAS: HSE.2.3.c)

DR.HS.H23.04.01 Fully realize a director's vision (CAS: HSE.2.3.d)