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Drama Standards



Measurement Topic: Explore characterization through improvised scenes

DR.HS.HDD.01.01 The creation of drama and theatre is a demonstration of learned skills in forming new theatrical works, interpreting theatrical works for performance and design, developing characters, and analyzing roles.

Critically Respond

Measurement Topic: Practice etiquette and ethics during performances

DR.HS.HDD.02.01 An informed literacy, thoughtful critique, and cultural research are key aspects of drama and theatre arts study. Responding focuses on the artistic and scientific knowledge of conventions, cultures, styles, genres, theories, and technologies needed to know better choices and best practices.


Measurement Topic: Perform improvisation for an intended audience

DR.HS.HDD.03.01 The theatrical process is a product of the knowledge and essential skills gained in the study of drama and theatre arts toward the expression of the human experience in story, movement, speech, and staging for an intended audience.

Performing Arts Standards

Expression of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.HS.H14 Demonstrate requisite performance skill sets appropriate for postsecondary pursuits

PA.HS.H14.03.02 Produce a characteristic tone (CAS: HSP.1.4.c)

Aesthetic Valuation of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.HS.H41 Practice of appropriate behavior in cultural activities

PA.HS.H41.01.02 Demonstrate respect for the music preferences of others (CAS: HSP.4.1.a)

Measurement Topic: PA.HS.H43 Development of criteria-based aesthetic judgment of the artistic process and products in music

PA.HS.H43.03.02 Discuss, with some understanding, the ideas of aesthetic qualities and aesthetic appreciation (CAS: HSP.4.3.c)