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Creation of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.HS.H22 Compose complex music in several distinct styles

PA.HS.H22.01.02 Compose music incorporating appropriate voicing and ranges (CAS: HSP.2.2.a)

PA.HS.H22.02.02 Use a variety of sounds, notational, and technological sources to compose music (CAS: HSP.2.2.b)

PA.HS.H22.03.02 Notate original musical ideas using traditional notation with a variety of clefs (CAS: HSP.2.2.c)

PA.HS.H22.04.02 Notate original musical ideas using nontraditional notation, as appropriate (CAS: HSP.2.2.d)

Theory of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.HS.H31 Interpretation of notated of musical elements and ideas

PA.HS.H31.01.02 Identify musical elements in written form (CAS: HSP.3.1.a)

PA.HS.H31.02.02 Describe the uses of elements of music and expressive devices with appropriate musical vocabulary (CAS: HSP.3.1.b)

Measurement Topic: PA.HS.H33 Evaluation of music using critical, informed analysis

PA.HS.H33.01.02 Identify basic elements of written examples of music using appropriate musical vocabulary (CAS: HSP.3.3.a)