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Expression of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.07.711 Perform music in three or more parts accurately and expressively at the minimal level of 1 to 2 on the difficulty rating scale

PA.7C.711.03.02 Sing or play a vocal or instrumental line with accompaniment and one additional harmonic or melodic line (CAS: 7.1.1.c)

PA.7C.711.04.02 Incorporate all musical symbols, tempo indications, expressive indications, and technical indications while maintaining consistent tone quality, intonation, balance, blend, diction (vocal), and phrasing (CAS: 7.1.1.d)

Measurement Topic: PA.HS.H11 Perform music accurately and expressively demonstrating self-evaluation and personal interpretation at the minimal level of 3 on the difficulty rating scale

PA.HS.H11.01.02 Classify and describe unfamiliar but representative aural examples of music from a given musical genre and explain the reasoning for the classification (such as rock, jazz, classical) (CAS: HSP.3.2.a)

PA.HS.H11.06.02 Explain how self-evaluation has strengthened the performance during the course of preparation (CAS: HSP.1.1.f)

Measurement Topic: PA.HS.H13 Participate appropriately as an ensemble member while performing music at the minimal level of 3 on the difficulty rating scale

PA.HS.H13.01.02 Adjust tempo, dynamics, and expression, according to the conductor (CAS: HSP.1.3.a)

PA.HS.H13.02.02 Adjust tempo, dynamics, and expression according to other members of the ensemble (CAS: HSP.1.3.b)

Measurement Topic: PA.HS.H14 Demonstrate requisite performance skill sets appropriate for postsecondary pursuits

PA.HS.H14.01.02 Identify all major and relative minor scales and arpeggios (CAS: HSP.1.4.a)

PA.HS.H14.02.02 Identify augmented or diminished triads, starting on any given pitch (CAS: HSP.1.4.b)

PA.HS.H14.03.02 Produce a characteristic tone (CAS: HSP.1.4.c)

Theory of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.08.831 Transcription, and rhythmic demonstration of multiple, changing meter signatures

PA.8C.831.01.02 Transcribe or demonstrate rhythms within musical examples that incorporate combinations of dotted notes and corresponding rests in various meters C(AS: 8.3.1.a)

PA.8C.831.02.02 Demonstrate written rhythms using various tempo and dynamic markings (CAS: 8.3.1.b)

Aesthetic Valuation of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.08.841 Evaluation of musical performances and compositions using advanced criteria

PA.8C.841.01.02 Develop and describe informed criteria for evaluating musical performances and compositions (CAS: 8.4.1.a)

Measurement Topic: PA.08.842 Articulation of music's role and cultural tradition in American history and society

PA.8C.842.01.02 Describe various ways music is used and enjoyed in different societal backgrounds and cultural traditions (CAS: 8.4.2.a)

PA.8C.842.04.02 Discuss the vocal composition of various kinds of American musical ensembles and the function of the voices within the ensembles (CAS: 8.4.2.d)

Measurement Topic: PA.HS.H41 Practice of appropriate behavior in cultural activities

PA.HS.H41.01.02 Demonstrate respect for the music preferences of others (CAS: HSP.4.1.a)

PA.HS.H41.02.02 Articulate and demonstrate appropriate audience behavior in various kinds of musical performance and music-related events (CAS: HSP.4.1.b)