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Expression of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.07.711 Perform music in three or more parts accurately and expressively at the minimal level of 1 to 2 on the difficulty rating scale

PA.7B.711.02.02 Respond to conductor's cues of tempo, phrasing, and expression (CAS: 7.1.1.b)

PA.7B.711.03.02 Sing or play a vocal or instrumental line with accompaniment and one additional harmonic or melodic line (CAS: 7.1.1.c)

PA.7B.711.04.02 Incorporate all musical symbols, tempo indications, expressive indications, and technical indications while maintaining consistent tone quality, intonation, balance, blend, diction (vocal), and phrasing (CAS: 7.1.1.d)

Measurement Topic: PA.07.712 Perform music accurately and expressively at the minimal difficulty level of 1 on the difficulty rating scale at the first reading individually and as an ensemble member

PA.7B.712.01.02 Sight-read, observing all musical symbols, tempo indications, expressive indications, and technical indications (CAS: 7.1.2.a)

Creation of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.07.721 Create four to eight measures of music melodically and rhythmically

PA.7B.721.01.02 Notate a combination of melodic and rhythmic patterns of four to eight measures; may utilize current technology with or without tonal accompaniment (CAS: 7.2.1.a)

PA.7B.721.02.02 Create new music in a given genre or style with melodic phrases or sentences of moderate length (CAS: 7.2.1.b)

Theory of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.07.732 Notatation of level 1 compositions using the appropriate clef for instrument and/or voice

PA.7B.732.01.02 Identify notes in the alto, bass, or treble clef two to three ledger lines above or below the staff (CAS: 7.3.2.a)

Measurement Topic: PA.07.733 Analysis of musical elements of a simple level 1 composition or performance

PA.7B.733.01.02 Describe, using a minimum of three markings (articulation, dynamic and tempo), when analyzing a musical example (CAS: 7.3.3.a)

Aesthetic Valuation of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.07.741 Analysis, through compare and contrast, of music performances and compositions according to detailed criteria, utilizing an informed music vocabulary

PA.7B.741.01.02 Apply prescribed criteria for evaluating musical performances and compositions (CAS: 7.4.1.a)

PA.7B.741.02.02 Compare two performances of the same work and discuss the comparison (CAS: 7.4.1.b)

Measurement Topic: PA.07.742 Articulation and analysis of individual experiences in music

PA.7B.742.04.02 Describe customary techniques of performance on guitar common to the traditional American musical experience (CAS: 7.4.2.d)