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Expression of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.08.811 Perform music in four or more parts accurately and expressively at the minimal level of 2 to 3 on the difficulty rating scale

PA.8C.811.01.02 Sing or play in three, four, or more parts (level 2) (CAS: 8.1.1.a)

PA.8C.811.02.02 Respond to conductor's cues of balance and blend while singing or playing (CAS: 8.1.1.b)

PA.8C.811.03.02 Incorporate all musical symbols, tempo indications, expressive indications, and technical indications while maintaining consistent tone quality, intonation, balance, blend, diction (vocal), and phrasing (CAS: 8.1.1.c)

PA.8C.811.04.02 Demonstrate the ability to adjust elements of music (pitch, rhythm, dynamics, timbre, texture, form) during ensemble performances (CAS: 8.1.1.d)

Measurement Topic: PA.08.812 Perform music accurately and expressively at the minimal level of 1 to 2 on the difficulty rating scale at the first reading

PA.8C.812.01.02 Sight-read, observing all musical symbols, tempo indications, expressive indications, and technical indications (CAS: 8.1.2.a)

Measurement Topic: PA.08.813 Demonstrate contrasting modalities through performance

PA.8C.813.01.02 Play or sing four major and three minor scales at least one octave in keys relative to their instrument/voice and understand relationships between major and minor (CAS: 8.1.3.a)

Theory of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.08.832 Notation of level 2 compositions

PA.8C.832.01.02 Read notes on a staff including four or more ledger lines above or below the staff (CAS: 8.3.2.a)

Aesthetic Valuation of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.HS.H41 Practice of appropriate behavior in cultural activities

PA.HS.H41.01.02 Demonstrate respect for the music preferences of others (CAS: HSP.4.1.a)

PA.HS.H41.02.02 Articulate and demonstrate appropriate audience behavior in various kinds of musical performance and music-related events (CAS: HSP.4.1.b)

Measurement Topic: PA.HS.H42 Evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of musical performances

PA.HS.H42.01.02 Apply specific criteria from similar or exemplary models in evaluating music by others or themselves (CAS: HSP.4.2.a)

PA.HS.H42.02.02 Read and understand professional critiques of musical works and performances (CAS: HSP.4.2.b)

Measurement Topic: PA.HS.H43 Development of criteria-based aesthetic judgment of the artistic process and products in music

PA.HS.H43.01.02 Develop criteria for making informed aesthetic (personal) judgments about music (CAS: HSP.4.3.a)

PA.HS.H43.03.02 Discuss, with some understanding, the ideas of aesthetic qualities and aesthetic appreciation (CAS: HSP.4.3.c)

Measurement Topic: PA.HS.H44 Knowledge of available musical opportunities for continued musical growth and professional development

PA.HS.H44.01.02 Articulate pathways to further musical education including but not limited to higher education, music production, music business, song-writing, community institutions, music-making with others (interpersonal/friends), personal music-making, and music in everyday life (CAS: HSP.4.1.a)