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Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H11 Character development in improvised and scripted works

DR.HS.H11.02.01 Master fundamental movement techniques, and show increased poise and flexibility (CAS: HSE.1.1.b)

Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H13 Ideas and creative concepts in improvisation and play building

DR.HS.H13.03.01 Use improvisation to create extended theatrical pieces (CAS: HSE.1.3.c)


Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H21 Drama and theatre techniques, dramatic forms, performance styles, and theatrical conventions that engage audiences

DR.HS.H21.01.01 Portray a believable character in situations from scripted and improvised plots (CAS: HSE.2.1.a)

Critically Respond

Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H31 Contemporary and historical context of drama

DR.HS.H31.03.01 Demonstrate a basic understanding of theatre history through the study of playwrights, theatrical styles, and historical periods (CAS: HSE.3.1.c)

Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H32 Elements of drama, dramatic forms, performance styles, and dramatic techniques and conventions

DR.HS.H32.01.01 Identify and compare the lives, works, and influences of representative theatre artists from various cultures and historical periods (CAS: HSE.3.2.a)

DR.HS.H32.02.01 Compare and contrast plays of several different dramatic forms (CAS: HSE.3.2.b)

DR.HS.H32.06.01 Use problem spotting to make an informed decision about the quality of a theatrical production (CAS: HSE.3.2.f)

Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H33 Respect for theatre professions, cultural relationships, and legal responsibilities

DR.HS.H33.01.01 Investigate and explain the knowledge, skills, training, and self-discipline needed to pursue careers and vocational opportunities in theatre (CAS: HSE.3.3.a)

DR.HS.H33.03.01 Create a personal code of theatre etiquette and ethics (CAS: HSE.3.3.c)