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Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H11 Character development in improvised and scripted works

DR.HS.H11.01.01 Master fundamental vocal techniques, and demonstrate knowledge of dialects and accents, International Phonetic Alphabet, increased range and control, intonation, and connotation (CAS: HSE.1.1.a)

DR.HS.H11.06.01 Connect internal and external work to fully realize the character (CAS: HSE.1.1.e)

Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H12 Technical design and application of technical elements

DR.HS.H12.05.01 Employ a variety of dramatic forms, performance styles, dramatic techniques, theatrical conventions, and technologies to create dramatic meaning (CAS: HSE.1.2.e)

Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H13 Ideas and creative concepts in improvisation and play building

DR.HS.H13.01.01 Create an interdisciplinary project involving drama and theatre, which can be integrated to enhance school wide curriculum (CAS: HSE.1.3.a)


Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H21 Drama and theatre techniques, dramatic forms, performance styles, and theatrical conventions that engage audiences

DR.HS.H21.03.01 Demonstrate the ability to utilize the fundamental conventions and the following styles: Non-realism, commedia dell arte, Shakespeare, absurdism, mask work, improvisation, environmental drama, and theatre arts (CAS: HSE.2.1.c)

Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H23 Direction or design of a theatrical performance for an intended audience

DR.HS.H23.01.01 Direct a theatrical text, including interpretation of the text and facilitation of acting coaching (CAS: HSE.2.3.a)

Critically Respond

Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H31 Contemporary and historical context of drama

DR.HS.H31.01.01 Select an area of production process for independent study (CAS: HSE.3.1.a)

Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H33 Respect for theatre professions, cultural relationships, and legal responsibilities

DR.HS.H33.02.01 Document and reflect on one's own work created over several years, and identify successful approaches that could be applied in the development of future work (CAS: HSE.3.3.b)

DR.HS.H33.05.01 Demonstrate how to secure rights and royalties for a production (CAS: HSE.3.3.e)