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Measurement Topic: Communication Skills

CT.12.H11.01.01 Facilitate internal/external office communications (CTE: MAAS.01)

CT.12.H11.02.01 Record and deliver telephone messages in a business setting (CTE: MASS.01.02)

CT.12.H11.03.01 Coordinate people and resources for meetings and seminars (CTE: MAAS.01.03)

Measurement Topic: Operations

CT.12.H21.01.01 Abide by risk-management policies and procedures (CTE: MAAS.04.03)

CT.12.H21.02.01 Create components to analyze spreadsheet data (CTE: MAAS.03.08)

CT.12.H21.03.01 Enter formulas and functions in a spreadsheet (CTE: MAAS.03.07)

CT.12.H21.04.01 Maintain work flow to enhance productivity (CTE: MAAS.04.04)

CT.12.H21.05.01 Practice good bookkeeping to reconcile bank statements (CTE: MAAS.03.14)

CT.12.H21.06.01 Record transactions to manage cash fund accounts (CTE: MAAS.03.12)

CT.12.H21.07.01 Select appropriate writing method to produce reports (CTE: MAAS.03.11)

CT.12.H21.08.01 Select document type and layout to produce business letters (CTE: MAAS.03.10)

CT.12.H21.09.01 Produce memoranda (CTE: MAAS.03.09)

CT.12.H21.10.01 Tally receipts and cash to prepare bank deposits (CTE: MAAS.03.13)

CT.12.H21.11.01 Troubleshoot problems with office equipment (CTE: MAAS.04.02)

CT.12.H21.12.01 Use spreadsheet software to create business-related spreadsheets (CTE: MAAS.03.06)

CT.12.H21.13.01 Use traditional notation to proofread and edit documents (CTE: MAAS.03.05)

CT.12.H21.14.01 Utilize information technology tools (CTE: MAAS.03.04)

CT.12.H21.15.01 Utilize office equipment appropriately (CTE: MAAS.04.01)

CT.12.H21.16.01 Utilize project management skills (CTE: MAAS.04.07)

Measurement Topic: Information Management

CT.12.H31.01.01 Perform scheduling functions to facilitate completion of work (CTE: MAAS.03.01)

CT.12.H31.02.01 Manage business records to maintain needed documentation (CTE: MAAS.03.02)

CT.12.H31.03.01 Prepare documentation of business activities (CTE: MAAS.03.03)