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Math Level PK Capacity Matrices

Math Level PK Vocabulary

Resources aligned to the old Math Level R/01/02 v3 which addresses content in the new Math Level PK v4


Number Sense, Properties, and Operations

Measurement Topic: MA.PK.P11 Quantities can be represented and counted Capacity Matrix MA.PK.P11

MA.PK.P11.01.04 Count and represent objects including coins to 10 (PFL) (CAS: P.1.1.a)

MA.PK.P11.02.04 Match a quantity with a numeral (CAS: P.1.1.b)

Patterns, Functions, and Algebraic Structures

Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

Shape, Dimension, and Geometric Relationships

Measurement Topic: MA.PK.P41 Shapes can be observed in the world and described in relation to one another Capacity Matrix MA.PK.P41

MA.PK.P41.01.04 Match, sort, group and name basic shapes found in the natural environment (CAS: P.4.1.a)

MA.PK.P41.02.04 Sort similar groups of objects into simple categories based on attributes (CAS: P.4.1.b)

MA.PK.P41.03.04 Use words to describe attributes of objects (CAS: P.4.1.c)

MA.PK.P41.04.04 Follow directions to arrange, order, or position objects (CAS: P.4.1.d)

Measurement Topic: MA.PK.P42 Measurement is used to compare objects Capacity Matrix MA.PK.P42

MA.PK.P42.01.04 Describe the order of common events (CAS: P.4.2.a)

MA.PK.P42.02.04 Group objects according to their size using standard and non-standard forms (height, weight, length, or color brightness) of measurement (CAS: P.4.2.b)

MA.PK.P42.03.04 Sort coins by physical attributes such as color or size (PFL) (CAS: P.4.2.c)