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Measurement Topic: Financial Analysis

CT.26.H11.01.01 Understand financial instruments (CTE: MKMN.01)

Measurement Topic: Human Resources Management

CT.26.H21.02.01 Plan, lead and organize human resources. (CTE: MKMN.02)

Measurement Topic: Operations: Professional Development

CT.26.H31.01.01 Monitor, plan, and control day-to-day activities (CTE: MKMN.05)

Measurement Topic: Information Management: Business Decision-making

CT.26.H51.01.01 Disseminate information to assist business decision-making. (CTE: MKMN.03)

CT.26.H51.02.01 Acquire information about marketing management (CTE: MKMN.05.02)

Measurement Topic: Strategic Management

CT.26.H61.01.01 Plan, control, and organize a business (CTE: MKMN.06)

Measurement Topic: Channel Management

CT.26.H71.01.01 Select, monitor, evaluate sales channels. (CTE: MKMN.07)

Measurement Topic: Marketing-Information Management

CT.26.H81.01.01 Disseminate information for business use. (CTE: MKMN.08)

Measurement Topic: Pricing

CT.26.H91.01.01 Demonstrate concepts to maximize profits & satisfaction. (CTE: MKMN.09)

Measurement Topic: Product/Service Management

CT.26.HA1.01.01 Improve a product/service mix. (CTE: MKMN.10)

Measurement Topic: Promotion

CT.26.HB1.01.01 Communicate information about products, services. (CTE: MKMN.11)

Measurement Topic: Selling

CT.26.HC1.01.01 Understand concepts & actions needed to determine client needs. (CTE: MKMN.12)