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Measurement Topic: Employability and Career Development

CT.25.H11.01.01 Acquire self-development skills for success in marketing careers (CTE: MKTC.16)

Measurement Topic: Academic Foundations: Economic Principles

CT.25.H21.01.01 Describe fundamental economic concepts used in marketing. (CTE: MKTC.02.01)

CT.25.H21.02.01 Describe the nature of business. (CTE: MKTC.02.02)

CT.25.H21.04.01 Impact of Government on Business. (CTE: MKTC.02.04)

CT.25.H21.06.01 Describe Economic Indicators' Impact on Marketing. (CTE: MKTC.02.06)

Measurement Topic: Marketing

CT.25.H31.01.01 Describe marketing's role and function in business. (CTE: MKTC.11.01)

CT.25.H31.02.01 Use communication techniques for public speaking (CTE: MKTC.05)

Measurement Topic: Technical Skills: Determine Client Needs and Wants

CT.25.H41.01.01 Acquire a foundational knowledge of selling (CTE: MKTC.29)