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Measurement Topic: Objects in the plane can be described and analyzed algebraically

MA.09E.H43.E2.04 Explore the possible areas of a rectangle with a fixed perimeter.

Measurement Topic: Objects in the plane can be transformed, and those transformations can be described and analyzed mathematically

MA.09E.H41.E1.04 Identify parallel, intersecting and perpendicular lines.

MA.09E.H41.E2.04 Demonstrate congruence of two geometric shapes using translation.

MA.09E.H41.E3.04 Complete an if/then statement related to real life situations.

MA.09E.H41.E4.04 Create geometric shapes using construction tools including technology.

MA.09E.H41.E5.04 Identify the midpoint on a line segment.

Measurement Topic: Solutions to equations, inequalities and systems of equations are found using a variety of tools

MA.09E.H24.E3.04 Determine overage when the amount available is more than what is required.

MA.09E.H24.E4.04 Find values that satisfy a simple inequality (whole number answers less than 10).

MA.09E.H24.E5.04 Explore a system of linear equations based on real world situations (e.g. How many hours must you work each month to meet your bills?)

MA.09E.H24.E6.04 Explore the graph of a linear function based on real world situations (e.g. How much money do I have if I work a given number of hours?)

Measurement Topic: Visual displays and summary statistics condense the information in data sets into usable knowledge

MA.09E.H31.E1.04 Determine the whole number mean (average) using manipulatives and a frequency chart (data set up to 10).

MA.09E.H31.E2.04 Describe the range of a data set (beginning and end points).

MA.09E.H31.E3.04 Explore the correlation between two variables given a scatter plot (e.g. student weight increases with height).

MA.09E.H31.E4.04 Determine the best value by using a display of quantity and price with manipulative/tools.