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Life Skills Literacy 4

Measurement Topic:Effective speaking in formal and informal settings requires appropriate use of methods and audience awareness

LI.12E.G11.E1.04 Self-select an individual role/responsibility in a job and communicate the breakdown of three tasks related to the job to multiple communication partners

LI.12E.G11.E2.04 Prepare for and engage in an interview for a job using appropriate communication methods for the setting.

Measurement Topic:Independent research designs articulate and defend information, conclusions, and solutions that address specific contexts and purposes

LI.12E.G41.E1.04 Produce a research report that includes the question, information from 2 – 3 sources, and citation

Measurement Topic:Interpreting and evaluating complex informational texts require the understanding of rhetoric, critical reading, and analysis skills

LI.12E.G22.E4.04 Read and comprehend adapted 12th grade content specific text

Measurement Topic:Literary criticism of complex texts requires the use of analysis, interpretive, and evaluative strategies

LI.12E.G21.E3.04 Read and comprehend adapted 12th grade Literature.