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Measurement Topic: Effective Participators

PS. Describe your reaction to an injustice

PS. Solve a problem independently. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.1.1)

PS. Justify a sensible choice

PS. Participate in clubs an activities

Measurement Topic: Reflective Learners

PS. Attempt an activity you find difficult or unpleasant

PS. Create a plan to successfully a task and revise

PS. Revise work after receiving feedback

PS. Explain least and most importance concepts learned

Measurement Topic: Self Managers

PS. Be punctual, prepared, and able to ask to complete task if not finished

PS. Finish a complex project that requires more than one attempt

PS. Talk about emotions to friends and listen for theirs

PS. Make sure an area is safe before starting an activity

Measurement Topic: Team Workers

PS. Be an effective team player or group member

PS. Be aware of others needs and feeling in a team or group

PS. Assist classmates to give their best effort in a team or group setting

PS. Verbally praise or acknowledge others for the work they contribute to a team project

Measurement Topic: Future Orientation

PS. Develop personal hobbies and interests