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Measurement Topic: Greenhouse Management

CT.21.H11.01.01 Understand greenhouse function, design and structure (CTE: PLSC.08.01)

Measurement Topic: Agribusiness

CT.23.H11.01.01 Understand the history and global significance of agribusinesses (CTE: AGBS.01)

CT.23.H11.02.01 Develop skills in agribusiness management (CTE: AGBS.07)

Measurement Topic: Leadership and Personal Development

CT.23.H21.01.01 Describe FFA and it's role in Agricultural Education (CTE: AGCL.04)

Measurement Topic: Plant Biology

CT.23.H31.01.01 Describe and utilize plant classification systems (CTE: PLSC.03)

CT.23.H31.03.01 Understand cell structure and function (CTE: PLSC.03)

CT.23.H31.05.01 Describe photosynthesis and respiration and impact on plant production (CTE: PLSC.03)

CT.23.H31.06.01 Describe the processes of plant reproduction and replication (CTE: PLSC.03)

Measurement Topic: Plant Environment Management

CT.23.H41.01.01 Understand plant environment and impact on plant growth and development (CTE: PLSC.04)

CT.23.H41.02.01 Utilize nutrient identification and management in plant systems (CTE: PLSC.04)

CT.23.H41.03.01 Manage diseases and pests in plant systems (CTE: PLSC.04)

CT.23.H41.04.01 Understand and implement an integrated pest management plan (CTE: PLSC.04)

CT.23.H41.05.01 Understand safety practices and chemical pest control methods (CTE: PLSC.04)

Measurement Topic: Water Resources

CT.23.H51.01.01 Understand the history and background of water use in plant systems (CTE: PLSC.05)

CT.23.H51.05.01 Explain principles of water conservation (CTE: PLSC.05)

Measurement Topic: Plant Science

CT.21.H51.03.01 Understand plant growth and development (CTE: PLSC .03.03)

CT.21.H51.04.01 Understand the anatomy and function of plants parts (CTE: PLSC.03.05)

Measurement Topic: Water Resources

CT.21.H61.01.01 Describe the water cycle (CTE: PLSC.05.02)

CT.21.H61.02.01 Describe soil plant and water Interactions (CTE: PLSC.05.04)

CT.21.H61.03.01 Understand irrigation methods, systems, and equipment (CTE: PLSC.05.03)

Measurement Topic: Tools and Materials

CT.23.H61.01.01 Identify and use hand tools (CTE: PSTS.03)

CT.23.H61.02.01 Identify and use power tools (CTE: PSTS.03)

Measurement Topic: Xeriscaping

CT.21.H71.01.01 Explain the principles of xeriscaping (CTE: PLSC.09.02)

Measurement Topic: Equipment Operation

CT.23.H71.01.01 Demonstrate safe operation of motorized equipment (CTE: PSTS.09)

Measurement Topic: Managing Landscape Areas

CT.23.HA1.01.01 Identify and explain utilization of landscape drafting tools and equipment (CTE: PLSC.09)

CT.23.HA1.03.01 Understand the selection, utilization and installation of turf grasses in the landscape (CTE: PLSC.09)

CT.23.HA1.04.01 Understand the selection, placement and installation of plants in the landscape (CTE: PLSC.09)