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Measurement Topic: Academic Foundations: Business Math

CT.10.H11.01.01 Solve mathematical problems using numbers and operations. (CTE: MANC.01.01)

Measurement Topic: Academic Foundations: Economic Concepts

CT.10.H21.01.01 Identify fundamental economic concepts (CTE: MANC.02.01)

CT.10.H21.02.01 Describe the nature of business and its contribution to society (CTE: MANC.02.02)

Measurement Topic: Employability and Career Development

CT.10.H91.01.01 Recognize the impact of personal actions on others. (CTE: MANC.09.01)

CT.10.H91.03.01 Participate in career-planning to enhance job-success potential (CTE: MANC.09.03)

CT.10.H91.04.01 Implement job-seeking skills to obtain employment (CTE: MANC.09.04)

CT.10.H91.05.01 Utilize career-advancement activities (CTE: MANC.09.05)

Measurement Topic: Technical Skills: Business Decision-making

CT.10.HA1.02.01 Demonstrate knowledge of information management (CTE: MANC.10.02)

CT.10.HA1.04.01 Acquire information to guide business decision-making (CTE: MANC.10.04)

Measurement Topic: Technical Skills: Information Management

CT.10.HB1.02.01 Use information literacy skills (CTE: MANC.10.01)