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Professional Development Opportunities

2013-2014 Instructional Technology Professional Development Catalog

WPS Instructional Technology Site

Resources and information from the Dept. of Assessment and Instructional Technology

WPS EdTech

2013-2014 Ed Tech Newsletters

Instructional Technology

Information literacy and technology are inherent components of and for student achievement. “The current and future health of America’s 21st Century Economy depends directly on how broadly and deeply Americans reach a new level of literacy – 21st Century Literacy – that includes strong academic skills, thinking, reasoning, teamwork skills and proficiency in using technology.” (21st Century Workforce)

Why Schools Should Break the Web 2.0 Barrier - New paths to learning await schools that embrace the transformative power of technology by Will Richardson

Adams County School District 50 ETIL Plan Submitted to the Colorado Department of Education April 30, 2012

Instructional Resources

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Resources

Mastery Learning and the Flipped Classroom

Creative Commons

If you are looking to license your work under a Creative Commons License, feel free to follow this link to learn more.

iPod Touch


Video Editing and Downloading

KeepVid: Download and Save Streaming Videos Allows videos to be downloaded locally for viewing.

Technology Scoring Guides

Wiki Editing

Internet Searching

Social Bookmarking

RSS Readers




Google Applications

Bloom's Taxonomy

Digital Storytelling

Document Camera

Technology Classes in the District

  • Resource Site - Here you can find all the resources that are shared in any of Kevin Byers' classes.

Cell Phones in the Classroom

Social Bookmarking and Google Applications

Test NetTrekker link

Space Wolf Games

The district has partnered with a team of game developers to create fours games that address a number of Math Level 11 Learning Targets. These games can be accessed by anyone at Students and are able to log in to track their progress and earn badges which act as evidence of proficiency.

If you are having troubles displaying html5 content (like the Space Wolf games) in Internet Explorer, you can easily install Chrome Frame, even without administrator access to your computer. This will not replace Internet Explorer with another browser, but it will correctly display some sites that do not work well in IE. How to Install Chrome Frame

If you want to play these games on an iPad, you might find the bottom of the games are cut off. Saving each game as a stand alone app will fix this problem. This is explained in this tutorial video - Adding SpaceWolf to iPads.

Video Tutorials

SpaceWolf Overview

Space Base 10

Rational Blaster


Quadrant Defender

Teacher Resources

Space Base 10 Worksheets

Space Base 10 Large Graphic Organizer

Rational Blaster Worksheets

Rational Blaster Large Graphic Organizer

Flexigons Worksheets

Flexigons Large Graphic Organizer

Quadrant Defender Worksheets

Quadrant Defender Large Graphic Organizer