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IB Design Tech 1

MA.DT.H11.01.01 Consider anthropometrics, psychological factors, and physiological factors to ensure products meet ergonomic needs.

MA.DT.H11.02.01 Students consider resources and reserves, waste mitigation strategies, and energy utilization, storage, and distribution in relation to managing resources and reserves effectively and making production more sustainable.

MA.DT.H11.03.01 Students outline the principles, processes, and basic function of a design or system.

MA.DT.H11.04.01 Students select materials for manufacturing products based primarily on their properties.

MA.DT.H11.05.01 Students produce novel ideas in problem solving as a major factor in commercial design.

MA.DT.H11.06.01 Students identify and analyze qualities of classic design, including how classic design defies obsolescence and the relationship between form and function.

MA.DT.H11.07.01 Students are able to identify and understand the needs of the user in designing the best products and services.

MA.DT.H11.08.01 Students understand how development must be concerned both with current human needs for resources now and in the future without compromising the carrying capacity of the planet.

MA.DT.H11.09.01 Students understand that companies and businesses can utilize a range of different strategies to develop products, services, and systems.

MA.DT.H11.10.01 Students study a variety of production strategies, analyzing their advantages and disadvantages.

MA.DT.H11.11.01 Students follow the stages of the design cycle, with a focus on invention and innovation.