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Measurement Topic: Analyzing News Stories

TE.26.H11.01.01 Analyze news stories and reports from media outlets that focus on specific issues, people, and events for the following qualities: importance or amount of space or time,  proximity or nearness,  timeliness or immediacy, prominence or names, conflict, consequence, or impact, human interest, or humor.

TE.26.H11.02.01 Analyze and enews stories, feature stories and columns (human interest, profile/personality, sports, in-depth, special occasion, humor, sidebars), op-ed pages, commentaries, and editorials in local, national, international newspapers and magazines as well as online news sources (electronic copy, blogs, convergence) for: accuracy, balance, fairness,  proper attribution, and truthfulness or credibility.

TE.26.H11.03.01 Analyze and enews stories and features found in student-generated publications and media by using criteria that includes: appropriateness, audience and purpose, information provided or story, quality of work or presentation, rhetorical strategies. type of impact

Measurement Topic: Gathering Information

TE.26.H12.01.01 Discuss ideas for writing with classmates, teachers, other writers, or community members.

TE.26.H12.02.01 Identify releissues and events of interest to readers through current news analysis, surveys, research reports, statistical data, and interviews with readers.

TE.26.H12.03.01 Ask clear interview questions to guide a balanced and unbiased information-gathering process that includes: researching background information, formulating questions that elicit information, observing and recording details during the interview, effectively concluding the interview, double-checking information before writing the story, keeping dated notes or interview records on file.

TE.26.H12.04.01 Follow ethical standards related to information gathering that include the appropriate citing of sources and the importance of avoiding plagiarism.

Measurement Topic: Writing News Stories

TE.26.H13.01.01 Utilize the narrative storytelling pattern (indirect lead facts and information, closing) to demonstrate knowledge of alternative methods for writing news stories.

TE.26.H13.02.01 Select and use an appropriate journalistic style for writing to inform, entertain, persuade, and transmit cultural context and climate that includes: short, focused sentences and paragraphs, word usage and descriptive vocabulary, active voice verbs, specific word choice to avoid jargon and language.

TE.26.H13.03.01 Write reviews of art exhibits, musical concerts, theatrical events, books or films that: use effective headlines (label, sentence, combination) and captions, use a of creative leads and organize material to adequately inform or persuade readers, identify critical elements of the work being reviewed (author, performer, artist, topic, theme, title, location of the event or media, cost), compare the new work to previous work,  describe audience reaction, use appropriate quotations and provide proper attribution, follow standard journalistic language and format conventions.

TE.26.H13.04.01 Use and extended or technical and scientific vocabulary or language that is appropriate for journalistic style, different purposes, and a of audiences.

TE.26.H13.05.01 Use language effectively to establish a specific tone.

Measurement Topic: Editing

TE.26.H14.01.01 Evaluate and revise the content of copy for meaning, clarity, and purpose.

TE.26.H14.02.01 Analyze and evaluate leadership models used by media staffs and organizations.

TE.26.H14.03.01 Revise and edit copy to improve sentence and style and to enhance subtlety of meaning and tone in ways that are consistent with purpose, audience, and journalistic form.

Measurement Topic: Leadership and Sales

TE.26.H15.01.01 Identify the rights and responsibilities guaranteed by state and federal governments for media staffs.

TE.26.H15.02.01 Create and implement financial plans to support a publication including sales and advertising.