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Measurement Topic: Journalistic Writing/Copy Editing

TE.24.H12.01.01 Master the inverted pyramid style of news writing

TE.24.H12.02.01 Apply the 7 major types of leads for news stories

TE.24.H12.03.01 Utilize copyediting symbols when commenting on writing

TE.24.H12.04.01 Proficient understanding of the AP Style Manual

TE.24.H12.05.01 Write news stories

TE.24.H12.06.01 Write feature stories (human interest)

TE.24.H12.08.01 Write editorials and other opinion pieces

TE.24.H12.09.01 Write sports reports

TE.24.H12.11.01 Write reviews about student work

Measurement Topic: Technology Layout/Design

TE.24.H13.01.01 Apply the tools and applications of the Adobe InDesign

TE.24.H13.03.01 Learn and apply elements of page design

TE.24.H13.04.01 Write captions and headlines

TE.24.H13.05.01 Learn and apply photography skills

Measurement Topic: Research and Interview Techniques

TE.24.H14.02.01 Interview a variety of sources for monthly stories

TE.24.H14.04.01 Responsibly attribute all information in news stories

Measurement Topic: Media Analysis

TE.24.H15.02.01 Apply professional media skills to school publication.

TE.24.H15.03.01 Discuss and review news sources from a consumer's p.o.v.

Measurement Topic: Theme Development

TE.24.H16.01.01 Develop one explicit theme for the yearbook through discussion/activities

TE.24.H16.02.01 Utilize language in captions, headlines, and stories to develop theme2

TE.24.H16.03.01 Utilize figurative language to develop theme

Measurement Topic: Photography

TE.24.H17.01.01 Utilize different camera angles to aid in the reporting of a story.

TE.24.H17.02.01 Create the appropriate lighting to capture subjects of photography.

TE.24.H17.03.01 Utilize appropriate shutter speeds and apertures to capture objects.

TE.24.H17.04.01 Capture vivid images to enhance a story through photography.

Measurement Topic: Media Law/Ethics

TE.24.H19.01.01 Awareness of the media laws that apply to yearbook.

TE.24.H19.02.01 Practice factors involved in ethics, connect to create a publication