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Measurement Topic: Media Law/Ethics

TE.23.H11.03.01 Apply knowledge of press law to reporting

Measurement Topic: Journalistic Writing/Copy Editing

TE.23.H12.01.01 Master the inverted pyramid style of news writing

TE.23.H12.02.01 Apply the 7 major types of leads for news stories

TE.23.H12.03.01 Utilize copyediting symbols when commenting on writing

TE.23.H12.05.01 Write news stories

TE.23.H12.06.01 Write feature stories (human interest)

TE.23.H12.07.01 Write entertainment reviews

TE.23.H12.08.01 Write editorials and other opinion pieces

TE.23.H12.09.01 Write sports reports

TE.23.H12.12.01 Write advanced news stories

TE.23.H12.13.01 Write advanced feature stories

TE.23.H12.14.01 Write advanced entertainment reviews

TE.23.H12.15.01 Write advanced editorials

TE.23.H12.16.01 Write advanced sports stories

Measurement Topic: Technology Layout/Design

TE.23.H13.06.01 Demonstrate page layout skills

Measurement Topic: Research and Interview Techniques

TE.23.H14.05.01 Conduct comprehensive interviews

Measurement Topic: Media Analysis

TE.23.H15.02.01 Apply professional media skills to school publication

TE.23.H15.03.01 Gain awareness of the media laws that apply to a high school newspaper

TE.23.H15.04.01 Apply media skills when critiquing writing

TE.23.H15.05.01 Act as an informed consumer of media