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Measurement Topic: SS.09.H12 The key concepts of continuity and change, cause and effect, complexity, unity and diversity over time

SS.09.H12.E2.03 Explore different movements and groups that influenced world history.

Measurement Topic: SS.09.H13 The significance of ideas as powerful forces throughout history

SS.09.H13.E1.03 Explore historical ideas as related to religion, social movements, and civil rights.


Measurement Topic: SS.10.E32 Productive resources - natural, human, capital - are scarce; therefore, choices are made about how individuals, businesses, governments, and societies allocate these resources

SS.10E.E31.E1.03 Explain what happens when there is not enough of a good or service.

Measurement Topic: SS.10.E32 Economic policies affect markets

SS.10.E32.E1.03 Explore embargos, tariffs, and subsidies.

Measurement Topic: SS.10.E33 Government and competition affect markets

SS.10.E33.E1.03 Identify competition in the local economic market (e.g., cars, groceries, apartments, etc.)

Measurement Topic: SS.10.E36 The components of personal credit to manage credit and debt (PFL)

SS.10.E36.E1.03 Demonstrate an understanding of personal responsibility related to debt.

Measurement Topic: SS.10.E37 Identify, develop, and evaluate risk-management strategies (PFL)

SS.10.E37.E1.03 Explore types and purposes of insurance


Measurement Topic: SS.10.C41 Research, formulate positions, and engage in appropriate civic participation to address local, state, and national issues or policies

SS.10.C41.E1.03 Compare information from multiple sources related to a current event (local, state, or national

Measurement Topic: SS.10.C42 Purposes of and limitations on the foundations, structures and functions of government

SS.10.C42.E2.03 Identify the responsibilities of the three branches of government (i.e. judicial = interprets, legislative = makes, executive = enforces)

Measurement Topic: SS.10.C43 Analyze how public policy - domestic and foreign - is developed at the local, state, and national levels and compare how policy making occurs in other forms of government

SS.10.C43.E1.03 Identify ways individuals can influence public policy.

SS.10.C43.E2.03 Identify the multiple perspectives of a current public issue.