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Measurement Topic: Floral Design-Ethics and Leagal Responsibilities

CT.20.H61.01.01 Apply ethical reasoning to make decisions (CTE: ESSK.08)

Measurement Topic: Floral Design-Leadership and Teamwork

CT.20.H51.01.01 Employ leadership and teamwork skills (CTE: ESSK.07)

Measurement Topic: Principles of Floral Design

CT.20.H12.07.01 Identify the steps of handling a shipment of flowers (CTE: PLSC.01.04.a)

CT.20.H21.01.01 Explain the history of floral design (CTE: PLSC.10.01)

CT.20.H21.02.01 Explain and apply the principles of floral design (CTE: PLSC.10.02)

CT.20.H21.03.01 Understanding handling and processing procedures (CTE: PLSC.10.04)

CT.20.H21.04.01 Understand and demonstrate floral construction techniques (CTE: PLSC.10.05)

CT.20.H21.05.01 Explain the steps to designing a bud vase, circular arrangement, angular arrangement (CTE: PLSC.10.05.c )

CT.20.H21.06.01 Identify and classify design material (CTE: PLSC.10.03)

CT.20.H21.08.01 Demonstrate use of the concepts, strategies, and systems for obtaining and conveying ideas and information to enhance communication in the workplace.

CT.20.H21.09.01 Employ critical thinking skills independently and in teams to solve problems and make decisions (e.g., analyze, synthesize and evaluate).

Measurement Topic: Safety Procedures

CT.20.H31.01.01 Implement personal and jobsite safety rules and regulations to maintain safe and healthful working conditions and environments. (CTE: ESSK.06)