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Measurement Topic: Technical Skills

CT.31.H11.01.01 Create and apply a jobsite safety program to ensure safe practices and procedures. (CTE: CONP.01.04)

CT.31.H11.02.01 Develop technical drawings drafted by hand and computer generated plans to design structures. (CTE: DPCP.01.03)

CT.31.H11.03.01 Examine building systems and components to evaluate their usefulness to a project. (CTE: CONP.01.05)

CT.31.H11.05.01 Use and maintain appropriate tools, machinery, equipment, and resources to accomplish project goals. (CTE: CONP.01.02)

CT.31.H11.06.01 Understand purpose for scheduling as it relates to successful completion of the project. (CTE: CONP.01.03)

CT.31.H11.07.01 Read, interpret, and use technical drawings, documents, and specifications to plan a project (CTE: DPCP.01.01)

CT.31.H11.09.01 Apply basic organizational, spatial, structural and constructional principles to the design of interior and exterior space so that design plans are effective. (CTE: DPCP.01.06)

CT.31.H11.10.01 Identify client requirements. (CTE: DPCP.01.03.a)

CT.31.H11.11.01 Use communication skills and strategies to work effectively with people. (including clients, team members, and others). (CTE: DPCP.01.03.b)

CT.31.H11.12.01 Draw and sketch by hand to communicate ideas effectively. (CTE: DPCP.01.03c)

CT.31.H11.13.01 Demonstrate use of tools, machinery, equipment and other resources commonly used in design and construction. (CTE: MOPP.01.02c)

CT.31.H11.14.01 Plan, practice preventative maintenance activities to service structures. (CTE: MOPP.01.04)

CT.31.H11.15.01 Select building materials and assemblies upon evaluation that meet project specifications. (CTE: DPCP.01.05)