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Measurement Topic: Effective Participators

PS.61.H11.01.02 Participate on a solution-focused team and provide significant input to complete a task. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.9.3)

PS.61.H11.02.02 Make a complex decision based on research. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.1.3)

PS.61.H11.03.02 Participate in different groups outside of school. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.4.2)

Measurement Topic: Self-Managers

PS.61.H21.01.02 Use a personal planner or PDA to keep track of deadlines necessary for a multiple-week project and ensure project is completed by deadline. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.6.1)

PS.61.H21.02.02 Push yourself strategically to complete a project when obstacles are encountered. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.6.1)

PS.61.H21.03.02 Own responsibility for actions that have contributed to a conflict. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.6.3)

PS.61.H21.04.02 Conduct a risk assessment (e.g., cost/benefit analysis) to determine potential positive and negative outcomes prior to making an informed decision. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.6.4)

Measurement Topic: Team Managers

PS.61.H31.01.02 Facilitate a team focused on clear goals and help resolve conflict when it occurs. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.7.3)

PS.61.H31.02.02 Recognize the body language of others and respond in a positive, supportive manner. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.6.4)

PS.61.H31.03.02 Monitor progress of a long-term project using both short- and long-term goals. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.6.1)

PS.61.H31.04.02 Publicly recognize team success and celebrate achievements with team members. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.8.1)

Measurement Topic: Future Orientation

PS.61.H41.01.02 Analyze personal abilities, skill interests and motivation that contribute to career choices and goals. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.7.2)

Measurement Topic: Post-Secondary Workforce Investigation

PS.61.H51.01.01 Investigate areas of industry clusters, occupational groups, and the outlook for those choices of personal interest.

PS.61.H51.02.01 Investigate post-secondary options

PS.61.H51.03.01 Prepare personal documents and presentation techniques for post-secondary options.