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Measurement Topic: SS.10.E34 Design, analyze, and apply a financial plan based on short- and long-term financial goals (PFL)

SS.10.E34.01.03 Develop a financial plan including a budget based on short- and long- term goals. (CAS: HS.3.4.a)

SS.10.E34.02.03 Analyze financial information for accuracy, relevance, and steps for identity protection. (CAS: HS.3.4.b)

SS.10.E34.03.03 Describe factors affecting take-home pay. (CAS: HS.3.4.c)

SS.10.E34.04.03 Identify sources of personal income and likely deductions and expenditures as a basis for a financial plan. (CAS: HS.3.4.d)

SS.10.E34.05.03 Describe legal and ethical responsibilities regarding tax liabilities. (CAS: HS.3.4.e)

Measurement Topic: SS.10.E35 Analyze strategic spending, saving, and investment options to achieve the objectives of diversification, liquidity, income, and growth (PFL)

SS.10.E35.01.03 Compare and contrast the variety of investments available for a diversified portfolio. (CAS: HS.3.5.a)

SS.10.E35.02.03 Evaluate factors to consider when managing savings and investment accounts. (CAS: HS.3.5.b)

SS.10.E35.03.03 Explain how economic cycles affect personal financial decisions. (CAS: HS.3.5.c)

SS.10.E35.04.03 Describe the appropriate types of investments to achieve the objectives of liquidity, income and growth. (CAS: HS.3.5.d)

Measurement Topic: SS.10.E36 The components of personal credit to manage credit and debt (PFL)

SS.10.E36.01.03 Analyze various lending sources, services, and financial institutions. (CAS: HS.3.6.a)

SS.10.E36.02.03 Investigate legal and personal responsibilities affecting lenders and borrowers . (CAS: HS.3.6.b)

SS.10.E36.03.03 Make connections between building and maintaining a credit history and its impact on lifestyle. (CAS: HS.3.6.c)

Measurement Topic: SS.10.E37 Identify, develop, and evaluate risk-management strategies (PFL)

SS.10.E37.01.03 Differentiate between types of insurance. (CAS: HS.3.7.a)

SS.10.E37.02.03 Explain the function and purpose of insurance. (CAS: HS.3.7.b)

SS.10.E37.03.03 Select and evaluate strategies to mitigate risk. (CAS: HS.3.7.c)