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Measurement Topic: Concepts Demonstration

CT.29.H51.01.01 Describe basic network classifications, and network operating systems (CTE: ITSS.05.01 ITSS.05.02)

Measurement Topic: Employ Technical Writing and Documentation

CT.29.H91.01.01 Employ technical writing and documentation skills to keep records necessary for an information system. (CTE: ITSS.09.01, ITSS.09.02, ITSS.09.03, ITSS.09.04)

Measurement Topic: Evaluate Information Systems

CT.29.H61.01.01 Evaluate applications within the information system. (CTE: ITSS.06.01 ITSS.06.02)

Measurement Topic Identify and Implement Quality Assurance

CT.29.HA1.01.01 Apply quality cost implications to a project. (CTE: ITSS.10.02)

CT.29.HA1.02.01 Evaluate tools for quality characteristics. (CTE: ITSS.10.01)

Measurement Topic: Knowledge Demonstration, Application

CT.29.H41.01.01 Demonstrate knowledge of Operating System components in computer systems (CTE: ITSS.04.01)

Measurement Topic: Manage Software Systems

CT.29.H21.01.01 Evaluate application software packages (CTE: ITSS.02.01, ITSS.02.02)

Measurement Topic: Monitor an Information System

CT.29.H81.01.01 Perform general system administration tasks. (CTE: ITSS.08)

Measurement Topic: Perform Computer User Support to Maintain Service

CT.29.H11.01.01 Employ effective listening skills when working with client. (CTE: ITSS.01.01)

CT.29.H11.02.01 Employ customer service principles when working with consumers (CTE: ITSS.01.02, ITSS.01.03)

CT.29.H11.03.01 Analyze symptoms of problem and use diagnostic skills (CTE: ITSS.01.04, ITSS.01.05)

Measurement Topic: Set-up and Maintenance

CT.29.H71.01.01 Describe the life cycle of an information system.(CTE: ITSS.07.01)

CT.29.H71.02.01 Evaluate problem-solving processes and outcomes. (CTE: ITSS.07.03, ITSS.07.04)

Measurement Topic: Support through Hardware Design

CT.29.H31.01.01 Explain the purpose of computer components and how they work together as a system. (CTE: ITSS.03.02)

CT.29.H31.02.01 Demonstrate ability to couple troubleshooting skills with hardware knowledge to solve client problems. (CTE: ITSS.03.04)

CT.29.H31.03.01 Identify and implement quality assurance processes to ensure a quality product. (CTE: ITSS.03.05)

Measurement Topic Utilize Hardware, Skills, etc. to Provide Support

CT.29.HB1.01.01 Explain the purpose of computer components and how they work together as a system. (CTE: ITSS.11.01)