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Measurement Topic: Foundations of Visual Communication

CT.25.H11.11.01 Understand the principles and elements of art and design. (CTE: ARVD.01.01)

CT.25.H11.12.01 Use available tools and techniques. (CTE: ARVD.01.02 )

CT.25.H11.13.01 Apply historical and cultural context as related to visual communication. (CTE: ARVD.01.03)

Measurement Topic: Technology and Process of Visual Communication

CT.25.H21.11.01 Demonstrate the planning process. (CTE: ARVD.02.01 )

CT.25.H21.12.01 Apply project implementation.(CTE: ARVD.02.02)

CT.25.H21.13.01 Understand and apply finalization techniques (CTE: ARVD.02.03)

Measurement Topic: Visual Art Careers

CT.25.H31.12.01 Cultivate necessary workplace skills. (CTE: ARVD.03.02)

CT.25.H31.21.01 Investigate career opportunities. (CTE: ARVD.03.01 )