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Measurement Topic: Creativity and Innovation

TE.HS.H11.01.02 Illustrates an original concept, product or process using digital tools. (NETS: 1.a)

TE.HS.H11.03.02 Investigates a content-related system or process and draws conclusions about it using a simulation or complex model (NETS: 1.c)

Measurement Topic: Communication and Collaboration

TE.HS.H12.01.02 Collaborates and publishes with peers for the purpose of enhancing knowledge. (NETS: 2.a)

TE.HS.H12.02.02 Presents a multimedia product with a specific purpose to a targeted audience, using appropriate digital tools. (NETS: 2.b)

Measurement Topic: Research and Innovation

TE.HS.H13.01.02 Apply Research and Innovation (NETS: 3)

Measurement Topic: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decisions

TE.HS.H14.03.02 Demonstrate Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making (NETS: 4)

Measurement Topic: Digital Citizenship

TE.HS.H15.02.02 Consistently demonstrates responsible use of Internet resources in terms of bandwidth use, appropriateness of materials, and educational relevance (NETS: 5.a)

Measurement Topic: Technology Operation and Concepts

TE.HS.H16.02.02 Demonstrates the ability to access, complete and submit online forms (NETS: 6.b)

TE.HS.H16.04.02 Manages a multiple sheet workbook with embedded formulas (NETS: 6.b)

TE.HS.H16.06.02 Demonstrates the ability to use a new digital device based on the knowledge from previous experiences (NETS: 6.d)