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Measurement Topic: Academic Foundation

CT.14.H11.01.01 Prepare for employment in a particular career field. (CTE: ESSK.01.01)

Measurement Topic: Employability and Career Development

CT.14.H91.01.01 Demonstrate positive work behaviors (CTE: ESSK.09.01)

CT.14.H91.03.01 Demonstrate skills related to seeking and applying for employment (CTE: ESSK.09.03)

CT.14.H91.06.01 Identify and exhibit traits for retaining employment (CTE: ESSK.09.06)

CT.14.H91.08.01 Act upon requirements for career advancement (CTE: ESSK.09.08)

Measurement Topic: Ethics and Legal Responsibilities

CT.14.H81.01.01 Apply ethical reasoning in order to make ethical decisions (CTE: ESSK.08.01)

Measurement Topic: Leadership and Teamwork

CT.14.H71.04.01 Establish and maintain effective working relationships (CTE: ESSK.07.04)