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Aviation History

Measurement Topic: Aerospace Science

AF.15.H11.01.01 Know the historical facts and impacts of the early attempts to fly

AF.15.H11.02.01 Know the major historical contributors to the development of flight

AF.15.H11.03.01 Know the contributions of the US Air Force to modern aviation history

AF.15.H11.04.01 Know the key events of space exploration history

Measurement Topic: Drill 1

AF.15.H12.01.01 Know military drill terminology

AF.15.H12.02.01 Perform Individual drill maneuvers

AF.15.H12.03.01 Perform Element/Flight drill maneuvers

AF.15.H12.04.01 Perform the 30-step AFJROTC Flight drill sequence

Measurement Topic: Leadership

AF.15.H21.01.01 Know military/JROTC heritage, organization, and traditions

AF.15.H21.02.01 Identify the benefits of positive personal behavior

AF.15.H21.03.01 Identify safe lifestyle choices

AF.15.H21.04.01 Know the importance of citizenship in America

AF.15.H21.05.01 Demonstrate professional appearance Level 1

AF.15.H21.06.01 Demonstrate professional appearance Level 2

Measurement Topic: Wellness

AF.15.H31.01.01 Identify healthy living practices through physical activity and good nutrition

AF.15.H31.02.01 Preform physical fitness Pre/Post-evaluation exercises

AF.15.H31.03.01 Practice a daily physical fitness regimen Level 1

AF.15.H31.04.01 Practice a daily physical fitness regimen Level 2