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Analysis of Film (HLHS Course only)

Measurement Topic: Analysis of Film

LI.25.H11.01.01 Examines the various genres from American film

LI.25.H11.02.01 Examines foreign films and impact on American film

LI.25.H21.01.01 Examines styles of various directors (Scorsese, Kurosawa, etc…)

LI.25.H21.02.01 Analyzes impact of directors on film history

LI.25.H31.01.01 Examines influence of film as mirror to history

LI.25.H31.02.01 Analyzes various films and their representation of historical eras

LI.25.H41.01.01 Examines at least three films dealing with global issues

LI.25.H41.02.01 Analyzes films dealing with war and historical impact