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Movement Competence and Understanding

Measurement Topic: PE.HS.H11 Participate at a competent level in a variety of lifelong physical activities

PE.HS.H11.A0.03 Combine and apply movement patterns, simple to complex, to participate in a variety of lifelong sports, games and activities (CAS: H.1.1.a)

PE.HS.H12.A0.03 Demonstrate ability to combine and perform movement sequences (CAS: H.1.2.a)

Measurement Topic: PE.HS.H12 Understand the cognitive impact of movement

PE.HS.H12.C0.03 Describe and participate in movements that promote neural pathway development (CAS: H.1.2.c)

Physical and Personal Wellness

Measurement Topic: PE.HS.H22 Identify resources in the community to maintain lifelong physical activity

PE.HS.H22.A0.03 Identify and access physical activity opportunities in the community (CAS: H.2.2.a)

Measurement Topic: PE.HS.H23 Participate regularly in health enhancing and personally rewarding physical activity outside of physical education

PE.HS.H23.D0.03 Explain the benefits of participation in a variety of physical activities (CAS: H.2.3.d)

PE.HS.H23.F0.03 Demonstrate the ability to monitor and adjust activity to meet personal goals (CAS: H.2.3.f)

Emotional and Social Wellness

Measurement Topic: PE.HS.H31 Demonstrate respect for individual differences in physical activity settings

PE.HS.H31.A0.03 Acknowledge the performance of others regardless of the outcome (CAS: H.3.1.a)

PE.HS.H31.B0.03 Participate in all types of physical activity with others regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, or culture (CAS: H.3.1.b)

PE.HS.H31.D0.03 Demonstrate appropriate audience and participant behavior during class activities (CAS: H.3.1.d)

Measurement Topic: PE.HS.H32 Demonstrate collaboration, cooperation, and leadership skills

PE.HS.H32.A0.03 Contribute to group success through a variety of non competitive roles (CAS: H.3.2.a)

PE.HS.H32.B0.03 Initiate responsible behavior and function independently and cooperatively (CAS: H.3.2.b)

PE.HS.H32.D0.03 Influence positively the behavior of others in physical activity settings (CAS: H.3.2.d)

PE.HS.H32.E0.03 Evaluate the role of cooperation and positive interactions with others when participating in physical activity in a variety of settings (CAS: H.3.2.e)

PE.HS.H32.F0.03 Identify leadership skills, perform planned leadership assignments, and assume spontaneous leadership roles (CAS: H.3.2.f)

PE.HS.H32.G0.03 Implement cooperative learning strategies to achieve group goals (CAS: H.3.2.g)

PE.HS.H32.H0.03 Abide by the decision of the officials, accept the outcome of the game, and show appreciation towards participants (CAS: H.3.2.h)

PE.HS.H32.I0.03 Identify contributions of members of a group or team and reward members for accomplishing a task or goal (CAS: H.3.2.i)

Measurement Topic: PE.HS.H33 Demonstrate responsible behavior in group settings

PE.HS.H33.A2.03 While engaging in physical activity, display empathy toward others (CAS: H.3.3.a&c)

PE.HS.H33.C0.03 Accept the diversity and individual differences of others participation in physical activity (CAS: H.3.3.c)

PE.HS.H33.D0.03 Accept the role of others within the structure of a game or activity (CAS: H.3.3.d)

Prevention and Risk Management in Physical Education

Measurement Topic: PE.HS.H41 Understand the risks and safety factors that may affect participation in physical activity

PE.HS.H41.B0.03 Identify and apply principles necessary for safe performance of physical activities (CAS: H.4.1.b)

Measurement Topic: PE.HS.HSD Prepared with proper athletic attire

PE.HS.HSD.X0.03 Dress out daily in the appropriate P.E. attire