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  • August 1, 2009 The AVID Standards presented in this Wiki are provisional and were developed by Keith Erickson for use in his AVID sections at Westminster High School. The Erickson AVID sections are entering year two of a transition to SBS that will be complete during 2010-11. Adams 50 AVID teachers should feel free to use any part of the AVID Wiki as they see fit.

AVID Standards

AVID Level R
AVID Level 01
AVID Level 02
AVID Level 03
AVID Level 04
AVID Level 05

AVID Learning Targets is a simplified version of Erickson's Adams 50 AVID SBE Learning Targets chart. It looks like this.

Adams 50 AVID SBE Learning Targets is a chart which depicts Erickson's AVID Learning Targets in full. Each Learning Target number is hyperlinked to its corresponding Wiki page.

Personal and Social Standards


Personalisation by Pieces


Navigating SBE with the AVID Compass presents the "AVID Compass" college readiness topics in SBE form. The diagram reinforces three big ideas: (1) college preparation isn't a linear process; (2) preparing for college happens in many settings inside and outside of school; and (3) the learner is at the center of all efforts to prepare for college. A good compass can come in handy when navigating the college path.

Where AVID Fits shows where AVID fits in the Adams 50 SBS scheme.

AVID Content Standards Crosswalk shows how the national AVID standards are covered in the Adams 50 SBS.

The D50 Numbering System diagram deciphers the Adams 50 Learning Target numbers.

AVID Wiki Team

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Keith Erickson,