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Measurement Topic: Character Development

AV.09.H11.01.01 Demonstrate self awareness and behaviors expected of an AVID student

Measurement Topic: Collaboration

AV.09.H51.01.01 Effectively work in a group.

Measurement Topic: College Readiness

AV.09.H75.05.01 Take steps to be eligible and apply for college, scholarships, and financial aid.

Measurement Topic: Communication

AV.09.H21.01.01 Craft, deliver, and reflect on speeches and presentations

Measurement Topic: Inquiry

AV.09.H41.01.01 Use Costa's Levels of Thinking terminology in academic situations.

AV.09.H42.02.01 Develop and refine collaborative group study skills in academic tutorials.

Measurement Topic: Organization

AV.09.H52.02.01 Use organizational skills to manage assignments and academic progress.

AV.09.H53.03.01 Take and use an appropriate amount of Cornell style notes.

Measurement Topic: Reading

AV.09.H62.02.01 Effectively gather information from texts.

Measurement Topic: Writing

AV.09.H32.02.01 Effectively uses writing skills.